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Product Matrix

Category Product Name Typical Substrate *
Ceramic Coating PyroCoat EX-1
  • wood
  • particle board / fiberboard
  • plywood
Ceramic Coating PyroCoat EX-16
  • paperboard
  • wood
Intumescent Additive PyroCide EX-4
  • coatings
  • adhesives
  • plastics
  • polyurethane foams
  • sealants
Intumescent Coating PyroCide II
  • paperboard packaging
  • wood based building materials
Intumescent Coating PyroCide Clear
  • wood
Intumescent Coating PyroCide White
  • wood based building materials (specifically formulated for spray application)
Saturant PyroBreak EX-2
  • paper
  • paperboard
  • wood
  • natural fiber fabrics
Saturant PyroBreak EX-8
  • paper
  • fabrics
  • wood
  • thatched roofs
Saturant PyroBreak EX-11
  • paper
  • cotton fabrics
Saturant PyroBreak EX-13
  • paper
  • paperboard
  • wood
  • natural fiber fabrics
Saturant PyroBreak EX-14
  • textiles (polyester)
Saturant PyroBreak EX-15
  • textiles (mixed natural and synthetic products)
Saturant PyroBreak EX-18
  • paper, paperboard, wood and natural fabrics
Saturant PyroNova rinse aid for:
  • paperboard (wet end of paper machine addition)
  • cotton uniforms (produces a non-permanent flame retardant)
Top Coating PyroCoat EX-5
  • application over intumescent coatings and flame retardant saturants
Top Coating PyroCoat EX-12
  • wood — as a general purpose, hard, clear, water resistant finish (EX-12 is not recommended as a top coat for flame retardants — see EX-5 for such needs)

Typical Substrates listed are not the only possible applications but more of a guide toward likely application compatibility.  Please contact us for a free evaluation of which of our products will best fulfill your needs.

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