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For each product, click on the product name for its specific product information (derived from its official Product Bulletin) or SDS/MSDS for detailed product safety literature. Product safety literature is provided in Adobe Acrobat format. To download a free viewer, please click here (download site will open in new tab or browser window).

Ceramic Coatings

PyroCoat EX-1

PyroCoat EX-1 is a low cost, water-based, ceramic coating for application to rigid substrates such as wood, particle board and plywood. Product dries to an off-white, hard finish which can be cured at temperatures between 250 and 275 degrees F to make the coating water resistant. Certified test data: ASTM E-84, UL 723 (Class A fire rating).

PyroCoat EX-16

PyroCoat EX-16 is a clear, water-based liquid that can be used either as a coating or saturant for paperboard and wood. EX16 produces a hard, fire resistant, ceramic-like finish as a coating or a very stiff flame retardant paperboard as a saturant.

Intumescent Additives

PyroCide EX-4

PyroCide EX-4 is an intumescent powder used as an additive to flame retard coatings, adhesives, plastics, polyurethane foams, and sealants.

Intumescent Coatings

PyroCide II

PyroCide II is a water-based latex intumescent coating for paperboard packaging and wood based building materials. Certified test data: ASTM E-162, ASTM E-662 (meets military packaging specifications), ASTM E-84, UL 723 (Class A fire rating), Factory Mutual Research (rate of heat release), Underwriters Laboratories NFPA 30 (recognized component listing for packaging of flammable and combustible liquids). PyroCide II is also sold under the trademark of PyroBreak.

PyroCide Clear

PyroCide Clear is our newest product. See the news page for more information.

PyroCide Clear is a two component thin film intumescent coating formulated for existing and new wood structures where the appearance of the wood is important.
SDS/MSDS: Part A  Part B

PyroCide White

PyroCide White is a water-based latex intumescent coating specifically designed for spray application on wood based building materials. It is non-yellowing, high hiding, low gloss, and clean white in appearance. Certified test data: ASTM E-84 (Class A Fire Rating)


PyroBreak EX-2

PyroBreak EX-2 is a water based, flame retardant saturant, with a high solids content for saturating paper, paperboard, wood or natural fiber fabrics. The product contains a wetting agent to increase the rate of penetration into the substrate. Certified test data includes: ASTM E-162 and ASTM E-662.

PyroBreak EX-8

PyroBreak EX-8 is a water-soluble flame retardant, latex coating. The product is designed so the water-soluble saturant will penetrate the substrate while the latex resin coats the surface and dries to a clear, water resistant finish. The product may be applied to paper, fabrics, wood or thatched roofs where a degree of water resistance with flame retardancy is required.

PyroBreak EX-11

PyroBreak EX-11 is a water-based, flame retardant saturant, with a low solids content for application to paper and cotton fabrics.

PyroBreak EX-13

PyroBreak EX-13 is a lower cost version of PyroBreak EX-2. The product has a high solids content.

PyroBreak EX-14

PyroBreak EX-14 is one of a family of products suited for applications in textile finishing. The product has been designed specifically for the treatment of polyester. EX-14 is used to assist the textile finisher in meeting the NFPA 701 flammability standard and other flammability standards for textile fabrics. EX-14 is non-halogenated and can be used in both durable and non-durable textile applications. The product has excellent water solubility and can be applied in a typical pad bath. EX-14 may be combined with a binder to achieve special effects.

PyroBreak EX-15

PyroBreak EX-15 is a combination water soluble phosphate and phosporous ester flame retardant often used to treat various types of mixed natural and synthetic products.

PyroBreak EX-18

PyroBreak EX-18 is a water soluble, high solids flame retardant saturant for paper, paperboard, wood and natural fabrics. Can be concentrated.


PyroNova is a granular, non-phosphorous flame retardant solid that can be dissolved in warm water up to 50% concentration at 130 degrees F. The product has been used to flame retard paperboard (wet end of paper machine addition) or produce non-permanent flame retardant cotton uniforms (addition to wash machine rinse cycle in commercial laundries). PyroNova has many other uses as well.

Top Coatings

PyroCoat EX-5

PyroCoat EX-5 is a water-based, latex, flame retardant coating that dries to a clear, water resistant finish. The product is designed for application over intumescent coatings and flame retardant saturants.

PyroCoat EX-12

PyroCoat EX-12 is a general purpose water-based latex coating designed to produce a hard, clear, water resistant finish over wood. EX-12 is not recommended as a top coat for flame retardants.

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