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We market primarily to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our company is founded on a research, development and testing strategy that responds quickly to the demands of customers. While  PyroTech owns and markets a product line of formulated flame retardant chemicals and coatings, it is the adaptation of these flame retardant systems to the specifications of OEMs Lab scientistthat distinguishes our company. We excel in our ability to modify our product line to meet the customer's specialized needs. This feature has been enhanced repeatedly during recent years by consistent investment in laboratory facilities, providing rapid customer support on both routine problems and development projects.

PyroTech maintains administrative and sales offices on the West Coast. Manufacturing, laboratory and production facilities are maintained in the Chicago area, which allows for centralized shipping. With offices across the United States, we have the flexibility of service to allow for any delivery requirement and the capability to guarantee uninterrupted supply.

PyroTech continues to invest in new testing and manufacturing equipment, which reinforces the company's growing reputation and emphasizes our commitment to the philosophy — flame retardant solutions, in specification, on time.

Page Last Edited: Monday, March 29, 2021

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